Eco Monday

Eco-friendly and sustainable news from around the design and technology world.

Pacific's Tokelau Islands

Eco Monday: Pacific’s Tokelau Islands Becomes World’s First Solar-Powered Nation

Here's some Eco Monday news for you: the Pacific's Tokelau Islands, a New Zealand territory, have emerged as the world's first nation to generate their electricity entirely from solar energy. This project has been...
Eco Monday: China Plans to Build a Self-Sustaining Car-Free City

Eco Monday: China is Planning a Car-Free City

China is looking to the future with their urban planning. They commissioned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to create a master plan for Chengdu's Tianfu District Great City to become a car-free city....
Eco Monday: World's 1st Bamboo Smartphone by AD Creative

Eco Monday: World’s 1st Bamboo Smartphone by AD Creative

AD Creative, a young design company operating out of the UK and China, have just released the specs for the world's first official bamboo smartphone at Droidcon on Friday. Our Eco Monday feature's most...
Tasha Lewis Guerilla Art Butterfly Scuplture Kona Hawaii

Eco Monday: Guerilla Butterfly Sculpture in Kona, Hawaii

"Guerilla" art, better known as street art, is often done anonymously in public spaces with a goal to either send a message or merely add some color to an otherwise drab space. Guerilla art...
Eco Monday - Green Lamp by Siesta

Eco Monday: Green Lamp by Siesta

Ever wanted your lamp to be a little more... dynamic? What if it were a unique combination of lamp and flower pot? Our Eco Monday find is the Green Lamp, designed by SIESTA, is...
Eco Monday Plof Eco-Friendly Bench by Atlier Belge

Eco Monday: Atelier Belge Recycles Textiles in ‘PLOF’ Bench

If there was ever a shining piece in the thoughtful design trend of incorporated recycled materials in the development and production of furniture, it is this entirely recycled bench designed by Belgium-based designer, Atelier...

Eco Monday: Are Plastic Bags Destroying Our Planet? (Infographic)

Happy Eco Monday, our lovely Redesign Readers! Today, we're featuring this important infographic that showcases how our love for convenience -- particularly with plastic bags -- is killing our plant! With over 1 trillion...
eco monday world's largest living wall milan ii fiordaliso shopping center

Eco Monday: World’s Largest Vertical Garden in Milan’s II Fiordaliso Shopping Center

Happy Eco Monday! To start off the week, we're featuring a new winner of a Guiness Book of World Records: the world's largest vertical! Architect Francesco Bollani designed this gorgeous living wall on the...
Eco Monday Eco Amp iPhone Eco Made

Eco Monday: Eco Amp 2.0 for iPhone by Eco-Made

Happy Eco Monday! For this edition of our weekly environmentally-friendly feature, we are showcasing the Eco Amp 2.0, designed and made in Los Angeles by Eco-Made. The Eco Amp is an environmentally friendly iPhone...
Eco Monday Baby Plumen Low Energy Light Bulb Hulger

Eco Monday: Baby Plumen 001, Low Energy Light Bulb by Hulger

For Eco Monday on Redesign Revolution, we're featuring this designer low energy light bulb by industrial design company, Hulger. Named Baby Plumen 001 because it is a condensed version of the original Plumen 001,...
Eco Monday: Recyclable Cardboard Furniture by SmartDeco

Eco Monday: Recyclable Cardboard Furniture by SmartDeco

It's Eco Monday on Redesign Revolution! Starting today, every Monday we will find an innovative eco-friendly design that will make environmentalists everywhere a little happier. This Eco Monday: recyclable cardboard furniture. What... cardboard furniture?...