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guardians of the galaxy feat image

Movie Friday: Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Tributes

This is one batch of misfits critics are raving about!
Movie Friday Independence Day Edition Featured Image

Movie Friday: Independence Day Edition

Happy Independence Day, America! Now, watch some movies...
Movie Friday How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fan Art feat image

Movie Friday: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fan Art

Who would have though you could befriend a dragon like this before...
x-men days of future past movie posters fan art feat image

Movie Friday: X-Men: Days of Future Past Fan Art

In 1973 Sentinels were unleashed. These robots were actually designed to hunt down mutants, but in a dystopian future, the Sentinels have gone rogue. Not only are they destroying mutants, they are also oppressing...

Movie Friday: Magnificent Maleficent Posters

Disney’s most beloved Princess-Curser has finally gotten her own movie. Angelina Jolie stars as the beautifully bad Maleficent in the film of the same name, which tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from the...

Movie Friday: Godzilla 2014

For 60 years Godzilla has been the focal point of movies here in America and in Japan. This time, the beloved gigantic lizard-monster is making another appearance in director Gareth Edwards’ film, Godzilla. Take a...

Movie Friday: Belle

For a genre that has long been dominated by white culture, a biracial heroine in a period drama is uncommon, but definitely not unwelcome. Belle, directed by Amma Asante, hit theaters on May 2,...
spider-man-imax 2014

Movie Friday: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Depicts Times Square Like Never Before

Is it even possible to have an action packed superhero mega hit without digital-heavy visuals? We're going to go ahead and say no, with the exception of The Dark Knight Trilogy where Christopher Nolan...
the other woman feat image

Movie Friday: The Other Woman

Temperatures are finally warming up, which can only mean one thing - spring is finally here and summer is well on its way. As the weather is starting to cooperate, it's making us reminisce on all...

Movie Friday: Frightening Posters from the New Horror Flick Oculus

Eleven years ago 13-year old Kaylie and 10-year old Tim moved into a new home with their parents, Alan and Marie. The arrival of an antique mirror, which their father puts in his office,...
Noah Film - Russell Crowe Noah's Ark

Movie Friday: How Darren Aronofsky Built Noah’s Ark to Survive

It's the age old tale that everyone knows: Noah's Ark. Director Darren Aronofsky, the director of Black Swan, is back at it with Noah, $160 million epic starring an A list line up: Russell Crowe, Emma...