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companion app feat

Companion App Lets Users’ Friends Virtually Walk Them Home At Night

Perfect in situations when you are feeling less than safe.
diy frames and displays

DIY Thursday: Stylish Ways To Preserve Your Memories

You won't believe how stunning and expensive these look!
thanksgiving decor via etsy

Etsy Wednesday: Thanksgiving Decor to Carry You Through The Fall

Make your home a little more festive, just in time for Turkey Day.
diy clay crafts

DIY Thursday: Clay Crafts to Fill Your Weekend

These are some crafts you can actually USE!
adult coloring books

Etsy Wednesday: Coloring Books for Grown Ups

It's time to get creative and relax your mind.
diy games

DIY Thursday: All Fun and Games

Who says because winter is coming the fun has to stop? Certainly not us!

Edenworks: Is the Future of Food on Urban Rooftops?

If you can't farm horizontally, you've gotta go vertical!
diy mosaic projects

DIY Thursday: Easy and Artsy Mosaic Projects

Who knew you could make a mosaic with paper!
algorithm art

Algorithm Art: Computing Photos into Paintings in Styles of Famous Artists

Tranform your photos into something seriously one of a kind.