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algorithm art

Algorithm Art: Computing Photos into Paintings in Styles of Famous Artists

Tranform your photos into something seriously one of a kind.
morpholio journal

Morpholio Journal: A Digital Sketchbook App for Creatives

It's the ideal tool for creative types and visual thinkers.
scio pocket sensor

SCiO Pocket Sensor Measures Molecular Makeup of Just About Anything

This is bound to revolutionize our consumption patterns.
sugru glue

Fix Anything with Sugru, World’s First Moldable Glue

Fix absolutely anything in your house with this moldable glue!
rehabstudio shift sneaker

Shift Sneaker: The Future of Footwear

What if you could change the shape and style of your shoe on a whim?
the face of litter feat image

‘The Face of Litter’ Campaign Uses DNA to Put Faces on Ads in Hong...

Is your own face staring back at you enough to get your attention?
misoka toothbrush

Misoka: This Nanotech Toothbrush Can Clean Your Teeth Without Toothpaste

This brush will totally revolutionize the way you think about brushing your pearly whites.
meural digital canvas

Mix Up Your Wall Art With Meural’s Digital Canvases

Change up your artwork without having to spend all that extra $$$!



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