Tech Tuesday: Suntory Whisky Uses Cutting Edge Technology for Ad Campaign

suntory whisky

Miniature ice sculptures are making a splash in Japan. Creative agency TBWA/Hakuhodo applied “cutting-edge” (pun intended) technology to chunks of ice to create multidimensional mini sculptures best enjoyed in a cocktail for Suntory Whisky’s unique “3D on the Rocks” ad campaign. The Suntory Whisky campaign recreates iconic landmarks and imagery into incredibly intricate ice sculptures submerged in … Read more

Tech Tuesday: Nest Protect and Thermostat


Nest Labs provides a much-needed tech makeover to those antiquated looking smoke alarms and thermostats with Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.   Nest Protect acts as a smoke alarm and CO2 detector that incorporates all of the modern technology that we’re accustomed to these days, including wifi connectivity that allows you to receive smoke or CO2 alerts … Read more