Tech Tuesday

The latest and coolest in technology news.

lepow hismart bags

HiSmart: The First Smart, Convertible Urban Bag

This is a must for city dwellers everywhere.
neurio app

Tech Tuesday: Neurio Turns Your Ordinary Home into a Smart Home

Take a look at what this simple app can do for you and your wallet.
ikea home smart collection

IKEA Home Smart Collection Wirelessly Charges Your Smartphone

Here's just one more way IKEA is making our lives a little bit easier.
google headquarters

Google Reveals Design Proposal for New Silicon Valley Headquarters

Google is known for its crazy awesome work spaces around the world. Now, the tech giant just revealed plans to build a new complex on part of their Mountain View, California campus entirely from...
vigour cardigan dementia treatment

Vigour: Could a Smartly Designed Cardigan Help Fight Dementia?

Is this a step in the right direction for sufferers everywhere?
detour app

Detour App: Explore Cities with Groupon Founder’s Latest Project

This one's a game changer for those of you who love to travel and explore.
wishbone smart thermometer

Wishbone: The World’s Smallest Smart Thermometer

Smaller is better when it comes to this health tracking device!
Swarovski Shine

Swarovski Shine: Misfit and Swarovski Team Up for Dazzling Fitness Trackers

For those of you who want only the best in fitness AND fashion.
small technology ultra compact flash drive

Brilliantly Compact Tech You Truly Need

These gadgets are portable AND keep design in mind.
urban layers morphocode

Urban Layers: New, Interactive Map Tracks Age Of Manhattan Buildings

An incredible new way to get to know a little more about the city's history.