Overgrowth Photography Series: A Florist and Photographer Collaboration

Overgrowth anemone by Parker Fitzgerald

In this collaboration series between photographer Parker Fitzgerald and floral stylist Riley Messina, the Overgrowth photography series exudes a romantic tranquility by its use of landscape and floral elements through portraits. The message the artists wanted to convey through this work was, “an expression of the multifaceted relationship between humankind and nature,” rather than a critique on civilization bringing the environment … Read more

An Inside Look at Philly’s Abandoned Cityscape


In the early 1990’s, Photographer Vincent David Feldman decided to take an inside look at the ever-changing city that is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – or lovingly referred to as “Philly”. However, Feldmen decided to turn his lens to the abandoned cityscape and the many neglected buildings and parks scattered throughout. With time and through rehabilitation, many of these … Read more

Donut Doubles : The Breakfast of Champions

donut doubles photography series 1

Brandon Voges of Bruton Stroube Studios has partnered up  with The Marlin Network  (yet again) to put together a fun invite and campaign for the National Restaurant Association‘s annual food show. These were the obviously hilarious results. In the past, Voges has worked on other series for the show including: Breakfast Interrupted and Breakfast Burlesque – all complete with surreal, almost quirky imagery that is undoubtedly … Read more

Urbanites: It’s Very Lonely in this Crowded City

Night Vision Urbanites Rupert Vandervall feat image

London-based photographer, Rupert Vandervell, has a very clear photographic aesthetic. Preferring clean lines and geometric shapes, his preferences are very apparent in these black and white shots. Of his subject matter, however, he says, “… I find people captivating and my work explores our relationship with the world and how we interact with our environment.” … Read more

Infamous Dictators Find Comfort in Stuffed Animals


Well, here’s a little humor for ya! Without a doubt, Fridays can be tough to get through. Whether it’s because you’re antsy for the weekend or your actual week seemed endless, work or school can seem like they drag on for an eternity. Hopefully, the following photo series will make you chuckle… or perplex you. … Read more

Portraits Are More Fun When Smeared With Color

In a world full of selfies, we have all experienced a self-portrait or two. We’ve analyzed them, retaken them, shared them, edited them, and the like. While we think we’re the first to showcase our very own portraits, we have to remember that they’ve been around for years — even if they weren’t taken by the … Read more