Design Trends within Mobile Gaming

Gaming console

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with innovation and trends driving the sector. There are amazing design trends that have come along in recent years, which have then been built upon. In this article, we’ll be looking into the types of trends that are influencing the industry so far. Going Retro For a while it … Read more

Transform Old Luggage Into a One-Of-A-Kind Chair

diy chair

There’s nothing we love better than an amazing DIY. We especially love when the DIY involves repurposing old things and taking them from drab to fab. If you’re like us, we think you’re going to particularly enjoy this video, where Salvage Dawgs Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp are showing us how to transform old luggage into … Read more

House Hunters: Top 10 Most Unique Requests

house hunters

HGTV’s House Hunters is one of our favorite shows ever. We particularly love the episodes where homeowners are full of opinions, and the designers are in a little bit of pickle trying to please them. If you’re a huge fan like we are, you know what we mean, and you’re going to love the video … Read more

Joanna Gaines Would Love These DIY Flower Arrangements!

diy flower arrangements

There’s nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to take a room from drab to fab. There’s just something about the bright colors and nice smells that automatically make people happy. However, ordering flowers online or going through a florist can be pretty expensive. That’s why we’re obsessing over the video above that shows us how to … Read more

3 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Sofa

interior designer tiffany brooks video

When it comes to a focal point in the living room, it’s all about your sofa. Choosing a certain type of sofa will not only change the design of your space, but also how you actually function in your living room. In order to pick the perfect couch for you, interior designer Tiffany Brooks has … Read more