M-House by Micheas Architects

micheas architects m house

Mexico-based studio Micheas Architects designed this 3-tiered home, entitled “M-House”, in Mexico City, Mexico. True to its surroundings, Micheas creates a space that allows the resident to be spoiled by his surroundings. Each level you are at, whether it is the living room on the bottom level or the master bedroom on the top level, you can appreciate a different aspect of the surrounding nature. The architects explain their inspiration below:

The basis of this project was to open spaces and avoid visual barriers, which integrates living spaces present in all runlevels, determined by the garden, terrace and deck, respectively.

Check out some of the features of this contemporary home:

micheas architects m house

micheas architects m house

micheas architects m house

micheas architects

Want more of their design? Check out the rest of the gallery below!

Photography by Victor Benitez. [via Contemporist]

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