Flooring Types: What Homebuilders Recommend

Flooring types

Becoming a homeowner is such a great feeling. You finally have your own home under your name. You have the liberty to make any remodeling that you may want. If you are constructing your house, there are a few decisions you need to make such as the flooring type you prefer. The market has different … Read more

4 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Your Home Air Filters

Air Filters

The average home has its HVAC and heating systems constantly bringing in a fresh air for the household to enjoy. Day in and day out air comes in and made as cool or as hot as needed to make you feel comfortable. Fresh air comes into a home clean, and it is the system that … Read more

Top Material Finishes for a Stylish Home

finishes stylish home

If it’s been awhile since your home had a style upgrade now is the perfect time to make an investment in your home and make some style changes. There are beautiful and sustainable new ways to make your home look great. So if you’re ready to upgrade your style and improve the functionality and appearance … Read more

45 Inspiring Red and White Living Room Designs

Red and White Living Room Designs

Red is my favorite color. I absolutely love it as an accent (or even the feature color) in a room’s color palette. In fact, if you ever take a sneak peak into my apartment, you’ll find that red is the dominant accent in our home (we even have a Clifford red couch that dominates our … Read more

Upcycle This! 14 Ways to Reuse CDs & DVDs

Upcycle Repurpose Reuse CDs DVDs DIY Crafts

Are you a music junkie? I don’t mean a 2013 music junkie — the ones with endless gigabytes on your iPod or iPhone just anxiously awaiting for Beyonce’s next single to be released. I mean the music junkie who has dozens of old cds laying around the house – the cds that have been played … Read more

Top 10 Artist Recreations of Disney Princesses


  My friend had sent me over a link to the Pocket Princesses, and in my fit of laughter as I scrolled through her cartoons, I decided to make this post on my top 10 Disney Princess artist recreations. Check them out below! 1. Child Disney Princesses moonchildinthesky, from Argentina, decided to recreate the Disney … Read more

Upcycle This! 15 Ways to Reuse Wine Glasses

upcycle reuse repurpose recycle wine glasses

  Wine glasses: either you have too few due to the various “incidents” occurring after one too many glasses of wine – or you have too many. Your mom bought you a set of 12 when you moved into your first apartment and don’t know what to do with them? If you are part of the latter … Read more

15 Gorgeous Portable Fireplaces for Small Spaces

Nothing creates a happy holiday vibe more instantaneously than a fireplace. And while there is no longer a real use for them, people have an emotional attachment towards flames. Additionally, fireplaces are seen as a social sigma, especially in cities like New York City. But a lot of the time, it doesn’t make a lot of … Read more

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep for the Holidays

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are almost here. Next Thursday: Thanksgiving. Next Friday: Black Friday. After that, it’s non-stop madness until you wake up, hungover, on Jan. 1. If you and/or your family are well on your way to breaking the bank for Turkey Day and Christmas presents, these 8 holiday decorations are easy DIY … Read more

7 Unique Nightstand Ideas

Unique Night Stand Alternatives

Who said you had to use an ordinary bedside table as your nightstand? You can bring a lot of interest and a great, homey feel by playing up the unusual nightstand look — just look at the one above! Who would have thought that 3 vintage suitcases you could probably pick up from your grandparents’ … Read more

Library Tree Branch Bookshelf by Olivier Dolle

Libary Tree Branch Shelf by Olivier Dolle

Fall is almost here! It is ridiculous how excited I am. In honor of the upcoming season change, here is a unique shelf design by French artisan and designer, Olivier Dolle. Named the Library Tree Branch (or Bibliotheque Tree Branch), this unique nature-inspired shelf takes a unique approach to presentation and interior design by turning … Read more

Contemporary London 2012 Olympics Stamp Collection

London 2012 Olympics Stamp Collection by Charlotte Estelle Littlehales

United Kingdom-based graphic design student, Charlotte Estelle Littlehales, took it upon herself to create a London 2012 Olympics Stamp Collection: a compilation of 12 first class stamps specifically tailored to to the Olympic games. Largely inspired by the London games infographic she designed, Charlotte has created a collection that is both contemporary and fresh with stylized … Read more

DIY: Picnic Table with Built-in Drink Cooler

Summer’s finally here, and if you have the luxury of having your own backyard, that means barbecue parties galore! If you’re looking to add some flavor to your backyard parties, here’s a little DIY project to add a drink cooler to your backyard picnic table. Step 1: DIY Drink Cooler Materials and Tools You will need the … Read more