The Luminarie De Cagna is a cathedral-like structure that was on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium, in January 2012. The festival hosted almost 30 exhibitions, including a glowing phone booth aquarium, but towering at almost 92 feet (28 meters) high and powered by 55,000 LED lights, the Luminarie De Cagna had definitely stolen the show. The Cathedral of Lights is a beautiful take on a lit building!

More on the Luminarie De Cagna:

Luminarie De Cagna is an Italian family business founded in 1930. Back then on festive occasions the  company illuminated buildings and squares with oil and carbide lamps. This was quickly switched to electric lights, and since 2006 only LEDs are used for new projects. The lights are joined to make large curtains of light, which are placed onto buildings or spread out on other objects in the area. In this way, whole streets and even squares are full of light.

Despite the imposing number of lights they used in this piece, the entire structure only used 20 Kw/h. Compared to the average American household, which uses 29 Kw/h per day, that’s pretty surprising! Beautiful and environmentally friendly, who knew?


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