As essentially every college kid in the universe knows, plastic forks and paper plates are a no-brainer when it comes to dinnerware on a budget, but as we mature in our taste and funds, our cabinets begin to have actual glass and ceramic plates in them – believe it or not. Some of these dishes may be vintage heirlooms passed down from generation to generation that you have to be outrageously careful with, or some (probably a lot actually) are the standard, solid colored Ikea courtesy of friends and family as graduation wedding gifts.

Next time you drag out those old, plain blue plates at that dinner party you got suckered into throwing you might find yourself thinking, “I could be eating off of something way cooler than this.” The truth is, you can actually make that a reality. There are plenty of paint-your-own pottery studios around the country where anyone can literally dish out their ideas. Or, you can easily find comedians moonlighting as artists online.

In an effort to encourage and inspire your creativity, we have put together a compilation of some of the coolest, cutest, quirkiest, and funniest ceramic dishes that will make you want to trade out your run-of-the-mill dinnerware for something a little more hilarious. Who knew ceramics could be such a platform for comedy?

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Plate for Throwing in Arguments via Keaton Henson

clever ceramics plate for throwing in arguments

Animal Snout Mugs by Attua Aparicio

clever ceramics pig nose

Botticino [Periodic Table of Alcohol] Coasters by Studio Vertu

clever ceramics coasters anthropologie

Toast Plate by CharlotteMei

clever ceramics toast plate

Bone Appetit by foldedpigs

clever ceramics bone appetit

More Tea? by EstherCoombs

clever ceramics teacups

We Are So Good Together Bowls by Shanna Murray

clever ceramics we are so good together

Cheeky Teacup by Urban Outfitters

clever ceramics booze

Take a Bath Tea Set by Het Paradijs

clever ceramics take a bath

Giraffe Plates by yvonneellen

clever ceramics giraffe plates

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Which dish made you chuckle?


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