Late last week, my fellow blogging buddies, Nicole @Healthy Way to Cook, Talia @Bite Size Wellness, Mustafah @HauteTalk and I took a trip down to SoHo to see what all the fuss was about with Chobani SoHo, the flagship greek yogurt bar that just opened up on August 1. With Chobani emphasizing simplicity and pure goodness in their brand, I decided to take a tour of their little store to see how it matched up.


My interpretation of “nothing but good” is that it will be a simple, back-to-basics design. Something with more of a rustic feel, but still sleek and trendy, as greek yogurt currently is in NYC. The exterior of Chobani SoHo didn’t disappoint.

While the signs were modern in their design, the material allowed for a rustic feel, allowing for multiple colors and textures to come through as the store ages and weathers. Gorgeous and overall discreet architectural design that fits into the trendy SoHo neighborhood perfectly.


Absolutely gorgeous interior. From the copper material to the rustic lighting to the wooden chop block that acts as the major showcase for Chobani yogurt (and is the only statement furniture in the space), Chobani really got it right with their interior design.

The chalkboard door with the menu and the LCD screens at the top of the wall are really nice touches!

I loved how the Chobani sticker sign on the window allows for a discrete brand reminder on the concrete floor.


Now onto the yogurt! The reason anyone will be walking into the store! We each got a different yogurt mix so we could taste more. I had a pistachio and dark chocolate combination that was heavenly when mixed with the mandarin oranges. The presentation of the food is simple, really “back to basics” like Chobani claims to be. It’s all about the yogurt. The glass bowls (that you get to keep!) was a good choice to showcase this.

…and the really cute paper bag you get if you’re getting your yogurt to go. Minimalistic. It was just the right touch.

I am officially a huge fan of Chobani SoHo! Can’t wait to go there again. The decor, atmosphere, and gorgeous presentation is everything you’d want a yogurt bar to be!

You can visit Chobani SoHo at the following address:

150 Prince Street

What’s your favorite part of Chobani SoHo’s decor?



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