Hanging lights around a tree sounds simple enough, but you may be surprised how frustrating it can get. The worst part is that sometimes it will come out not even looking all that nice!

That’s alright, this video will give you the run down and everything you need to know about making your Christmas tree look like it was decorated by a pro.

First on the agenda? Figuring out how many lights you actually need depending on how big or tall your tree is. Nothing looks worse than too-sparse lights!

After you’ve made sure all the lights are working popularly, the video guides you through the whole process – including why you should start from top to bottom, how to safely “fasten” these lights onto the tree and this ONE trick to help you figure out if the finished product is completely even.

The final step? All the Oohs and Aahs from your friends and family!

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Do you have any tips for hanging your Christmas tree lights?


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