More likely than not, you have probably found yourself in an adorable coffee shop by yourself, staring into a whirling pool of caffeine before you. If you have been lucky, the coffee cup, design, branding, and packaging has been just as (if not more) hypnotizing than the beverage itself.

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A few great New York examples include Joe and La Colombe, where it seems like everything has been designed and branded to utmost perfection. I know I am always admiring the Joe coffee cups with their intricate NYC map illustrations.

Here are a few great concepts for coffee brands that are a whole lot more interesting than those chain store cups on National Coffee Day. No shade!

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Other Coffee via empatia

coffee cups design other coffee Despite its simple qualities, we can appreciate the coffee cup’s witty remarks and ultra modern and clean lines. It’s not psychedelic but we can agree with it: Another coffee, please!

Demitasse via Brianne Boland

coffee cups design demitasse These adorable illustrations go hand in hand with its cute little printed sayings. “If at first you don’t succeed, chai chai again.” Agree.

Boost Coffee via El Waters

coffee cups design boost coffee Simple and to the point, this morning burst of coffee is surely a boost in both inspiration AND caffeine.

JJ Royal via Isabela Rodrigues

coffee cups design 5 While coffee comes in 50 shades of black to brown, we love the juxtaposition of colorful packaging.

Brewing Perk via Trishagni Naik

coffee cups design 6 Using typography as a main design element, these Brewing Perk cups make for an ultra cozy vibe.

The Goode Coffee via Allan Revah

coffee cups design the good coffee Goode Coffee goes for modernity in its bold lines, vibrant colors, and abstract shapes. It makes for a perfect example of the intersection between design and art.

Coffee Planet’s Degrees of Waking Up via Kapil Bhimeker

coffee cups design 7 The concept behind this packaging was to provide coffee to customers and a cup to take home with them to drink out of in the comfort of their own home. If you look closely, you can see the different degrees of coffee (referring to the “Degrees of Waking Up”) and accompanying illustrations. Accurate!

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What coffee cups have inspired you?


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