Recycled Dutch coffee shop
The bar is made from three temporary hospital units. All the material was purchased on marktplaats, the Dutch version of eBay.

A few weeks ago, we reported that international coffee Cyclops Starbucks was building new shops with re-purposed shipping containers. But the crafty Dutch have one-upped The Green Mermaid once again, and the world’s first coffee shop built entirely from recycled materials is now open in Amsterdam.

Dutch design firms Bureau SLA and Overtreders came up with the idea for a reconstituted coffee shop. Every single component of Noorderparkbar was purchased from marktplaats, the Dutch version of eBay. Over 100 merchants sold designers wood, toilet bowls, utensils and windows; each seller was then consulted regarding the design of the coffee shop. The first floor is an airy, sunlit bar, and the second floor is a lighted terrace.

Recycled Dutch coffee shop
The coffee bar serves as a cozy, inviting beacon of light in one of Amsterdam’s largest parks.

For more information and photos, go to Architizer!

What do you think of this coffee shop made out of recycled materials?


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