Constantin Mashinskiy is a Russian born art director and photographer, who is currently residing in Paris, France. The 27 year old has taken advantage of his current location by taking to the streets of Paris – capturing a year’s worth of dramatic black and white photographs of the city’s occupants.
This project is called ‘365 Parisiens’ and it allows an intimate view to the beautiful, romantic city of Paris. Yes, the series includes the residents one would expect to see in an iconic city as gorgeous as Paris; the sharply dressed gentleman, the academic clothed in black, the glamorous yet mysterious woman, the exhausted chef taking a much needed break. However, it also represents a great deal of unique residents who prove that Paris is as diverse as it is astonishing.
Cafes, restaurants and alley ways in the background give a natural glimpse into the city’s environment, giving viewers a first hand experience of the magic of Paris.
Mashinsky is currently on day 312 in his photo series, only a few more to go until his year is complete! Along with the number of photograph/day, each image is paired with a brief description of what the individual was doing at the moment his/her photograph was taken.

#268 — I think he was expecting someone to arrive.


#130 – I think he was showing the city to his friend.

parisiens 2

#183 – She said that she was really late for a meeting.

parisiens 3

#213 – Loud kitchen sounds were coming behind him.


#200 – “Do you know Jean Jaurès?”

parisiens 2

#166 – She was in a good mood at the end of the day.

parisiens 3

#132 – I think she was searching something in her bag.

parisiens 4

#193 – “Let me write it down, it’s hard to spell”

parisiens 5

#169 – She has a diamond on each wrist.

parisiens 6

#311 – He was sitting alone in the least-crowded corner of the terrace.

parisiens 7

The photographs featured here are only a minimal amount of the hundreds Mashinskiy has already taken. To view earlier images and join him on his journey through Paris for the remaining days, visit his Tumblr and Facebook.

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How do you feel about the people of Paris?


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