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Oftentimes, when we picture real estate advertising, it’s typically an awkward head shot of a real estate agent accompanied by horrible typography and superfluous text. At other times, the ads are typically in a grid format and showcase the countless houses they have either sold or selling.

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Needless to say, from an artistic or design standpoint, they are underwhelming at best – cringe-worthy at worst. Nothing could be farther from the truth for the New York City-based real estate firm, The Corcoran Group. Specializing in more luxurious homes and apartments for rent or sale in iconic neighborhoods -such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Hamptons, and Palm Beach – it is only natural that they have a bit more, shall we say, cache?

For their ‘Live Who You Are’ 2014 ad campaign, they hired none other than famed American photographer, Annie Leibovitz – someone who has photographed everything from Vogue covers to The Beatles themselves.

The concept was a great and welcome departure from the standard real estate marketing which focuses on a home and its physical amenities tirelessly. Corcoran aimed to revert the attention back to the individual and finding a home for you that fits your needs.

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A great added touch was utilizing celebrities with personalities that we all [think we] know in order to convey how each home reflects who they are. Family man and pro basketball player, Tyson Chandler is shown with his family in a cozy interior, while artist Michele Oka Doner, is shown gracefully lounging among her incredible artwork in an airy loft space.

While a home is what you make it, Corcoran is reiterating its purpose of finding you an abode that automatically speaks to and reflects you.

See all 12 ads and some background information on the campaign on the Corcoran Website.

Corcoran Real Estate Tyson Chandler and Family

Corcoran Real Estate Jimmy Buffett Corcoran Real Estate Haslegraves Corcoran Real Estate Oka Doner Corcoran Real Estate Pauli Restaurateurs

All images via Corcoran

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