Crate & Barrel National Ad Campaign Helvetica

The folks at Crate & Barrel are often cited for their classic Helvetica logo. The company hasn’t won over all the Helvetica fans, though. Typography enthusiasts have some complaints–one such complaint is that the “c” in “Crate” is clearly too rounded to count as true Helvetica. Fortunately, there are other consumers who only see 100% pure Helvetica. And even diehard typography fanatics will have to enjoy the playful animation of Crate & Barrel’s new national ad campaign. These three animated spots showcase Helvetica letters that are jumping around and spinning like cherries on a slot machine. It’s a playful series of spots that showcases traditional Helvetica in a very atypical setting.

The commercials are to run on television, online and on screens in stores, in Virgin America planes, and NYC taxi cabs. All the words with be paired with an ampersand in between the word pairings to create a sense of consistency and call to mind the Crate & Barrel brand, which emphasizes the ampersand in its logo. Pairs of words appear, one after the other, on screen as the stories in the commercials unfold. Examples include “Dessert&Spooning,” “Friends&Giving,” “Love&Light”–and always at the end, “Crate&Barrel.”

These spots are a big break for Helvetica. The simple font hasn’t had a proper showcase for a while. There’s even some fun and playful music, and all the commercials tell a pretty charming story. Give those whirling letters a whirl!

Check out the first of 3 ads below:


Any Helvetica enthusiasts out there? What do you think of this Crate & Barrel Ad?



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