Creative and Terrifying Spider Projection by Friedrich van Schoor

Friedrich van Schoor Spider Projection

Believe it or not, German 3D design specialist Friedrich van Schoor has found a way to make spiders more terrifying than ever. His short video project “Spider Projection” depicts two larger-than-life spiders trapped inside the top floor of a glass-fronted building, rapidly moving and crawling up the walls and windows. Despite appearing to be shockingly real, and fortunately for arachnophobes everywhere, it is actually a clever projection of an average sized spider. To create this illusion, van Schoor built a perfectly proportioned, scaled down replica of the top floor of the building, shut the spider inside, and recorded its movement. He was then able to size up the video and project it onto the interior walls of the building. The result was a disturbing but oddly beautiful enormous arachnid display straight out of a nightmare.


Check out the video of his project here:

spider projection from Friedrich van Schoor on Vimeo.

Did this spider projection put you in the Halloween mood?

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