Criterion Collection ‘The Game’ DVD Art Spoils the Ending

criterion collection the game dvd art

David Fincher has directed important movies like The Social Network, Zodiac, and Se7en. He’s certainly the kind of director whose movies always get picked up for deluxe DVD reissues from the prestigious Criterion Collection–which is just as well known for their cool graphic design as impressive film archiving. We hope Fincher’s cool with this new artwork for his 1997 film The Game, though. Criterion must figure that their audience has already seen ever Fincher film ever made, since this striking artwork is based on a climatic scene from the movie’s ending.


Or maybe the Criterion folks just couldn’t quite think of another striking image from the film. There’s a reason that people often leave The Game off their lists of classic Fincher. There are still some fervent Game fans out there, of course, but it’s not like they’re going to have the image spoiled for them. Anyway, it’s kind of classically retro and pretty disturbing. That’s actually what The Game’s defenders will tell you about the film….

What do you think of the Criterion Collection design for The Game?

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