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Guys, you need to back up your files. We hate to nag, but if/when something happens, and that term paper gets deleted, or those important family records just disappear, you’re going to be sorry. So, so sorry. Take it from us… We’ve had it happen before.

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Fortunately, Etsy sellers have your back – and in the most adorable ways possible. Check out this amazing selection of USB drives that are not only super cute, but also convenient, and absolutely necessary for keeping your priceless documents safe.

What could be a cuter way to transport your files from work or school to home? Who says flash drives are obsolete?!

Hedgehog USB Drive, $22+ minkislovethailand

cute flash drivesThis hedgehog flash drive is so precious, you could literally not have a computer at all and we would still tell you that you need one. And you wouldn’t argue either because it’s just so cute!

Cactus Flash Drive, $17.35 LittleDutchShop

cute flash drivesFor techies with a green thumb – or who just like cacti – there’s this sweet, not-so-spiky cactus USB drive. Plus, it comes on a key chain, so you will always have it with you.

Stone USB, $34+ CloverPower

cute flash drivesThis USB drive looks just like a pebble that you might find on a beach, right? Interestingly, it’s actually made out of polymer clay! This flash drive is a tiny work of art.

Cow USB Drive, $25+ Hemingwayfun

cute flash drivesSo, a Minotaur is a half-cow, half-human. But, what’s this little fella? Don’t get us wrong, we love repurposed plastic animals. We’re just curious, that’s all.

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Steampunk Drive, $99 slotzkin

cute flash drives If steampunk is your main squeeze, this is the drive for you. It will store all of your stuff and look good doing it.

Cassette Tape Drive, $17.35 LittleDutchShop

cute flash drivesRemember when we all said that cassette tapes will never go out of style? Yeah. Good times. Relive them with this retro-chic cassette tape USB drive.

Kawaii Sandwich Memory Stick, $20 MintFoxBoutique

cute flash drivesThis has got to be the happiest sandwich to ever sandwich. If you’re a sandwich lover – and let’s face it, we all are – this is the flash drive you need to back up all of your sandwich-related documents.

Wooden Drive, $19+ LaPasoBien

cute flash drivesThis memory stick is sleek and professional. It backs up your files in a no-nonsense kind of way, and we respect that.

Blue Cat Drive, $40 CloverPower

cute flash drivesThis cobalt blue kitty USB drive is sporting the Big Dipper, and it’s really happy about it! You will be, too, when you use it to back up your files…

Lego Brick Memory Stick, $24.95 Think4HandmadeArt

cute flash drives You may be a grown up, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up Lego! This clever little Lego brick has been turned into a handy USB drive that you can use to back up your files or to build towers. Just don’t step on it.

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Which of these cute flash drives would you buy?




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