Daily Dose of Design: Colorful Airlines, Writing Advice + More

The world is a-buzzing with a lot of awesome stories everyday. Gorgeous photo series, innovative art installations, groundbreaking tech news – how do you keep track of it all? More specifically, how do you dig through all the noise to get to the great stuff? Enter our Daily Dose of Design, a curated post showcasing all the best of design from around the web at the end of each day.

Daily Dose of Design: Wizz Air


10 Colorful Airlines That You Wish You Were Flying On via Travel Freak – We like Virgin America Airlines because of how colorful it is on the inside, but these international airlines certainly fight for attention for how colorful they are on the outside!

Daily Dose of Design: Neil Gaiman Keep Writing

Hand in Hand, Writers Share Advice in Notes on Their Own Hands via Laughing Squid – Sometimes, we writers need a little bit of advice and inspiration. This dose of optimism might be just what you need starting with the quote above: “Write. Finish things. Keep writing.” –Neil Gaiman

Daily Dose of Design: LittleBits MoMA Installation

LittleBits at MoMA Design Store via Cool Hunting – We might just have to make a quick stop at the MoMA Design Store to visit this fun installation!

Daily Dose of Design: Whiny Rants Accomplishments

Whiny Rants Are Inversely Proportional to Accomplishments (and Other Lessons) via 99U – There are some college survival tips you just really wish you know before starting. This presentation offers plenty of great advice for college students, college grads, and basically anyone just starting out in their field.

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