The world is a-buzzing with a lot of awesome stories everyday. Gorgeous photo series, innovative art installations, groundbreaking tech news – how do you keep track of it all? More specifically, how do you dig through all the noise to get to the great stuff? Enter our Daily Dose of Design, a curated post showcasing all the best of design from around the web at the end of each day.

World’s Largest Floating Christmas Tree in Rio via Travel Freak – While we were busy rounding up fun DIY Christmas trees for your home, Travel Freak was thinking much bigger when they discovered the world’s largest floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro. This is the 17th consecutive year Rio has boasted their Christmas tree. We wonder how NYC, with their inflated egos, would react to that…

Edible Gingerbread Star Wars AT-AT via Inhabitat – For the holiday season,  Blackmarket Bakery owner Rachel Klemek made a simply adorable AT-AT entirely from gingerbread. Cue the squealing from our fellow Star Wars nerds!

Portraits of Unrelated Doppelgangers via Twisted Sifter – Canadian photographer François Brunelle has made it his goal for his project, I’m not a look-alike!, to take 200 photographers of doppelgangers around the world, in hopes of turning the series into a book and international exhibit. He’s half way there! Twisted Sifter showcased their favorite from his project.

The 30 Freakiest Ads of 2012 via Adweek – 98% of advertising is predictable and painfully safe. And while the exact opposite doesn’t always work, Adweek has found a nice collection of daring ads that tried to push the boundaries of normal. Check them out!

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