Design Trends within Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with innovation and trends driving the sector. There are amazing design trends that have come along in recent years, which have then been built upon. In this article, we’ll be looking into the types of trends that are influencing the industry so far.

Going Retro

For a while it seemed that we were obsessed with new games and immersive graphics. It was all about pushing our smartphones and tablets to their limits with new design features. Now, we’re going back to the basics and retro gaming appears to be the hottest trend on the market. 8bit games and 2D platformers can easily capture our imaginations without a massive investment into the graphical elements.


The most important part is the story, followed by the novelty factor of the game. Games that feature some form of innovation or new gameplay type can be much more exciting than ones that simply follow the same formulae with different graphics.

Indie is King

Indie developers are becoming much more prolific, with less resources required to create the average game. This allows indie development studios to create games on a much smaller budget than larger developers. Then, the profits that they make from the game are enhanced as there are less outgoings within the process.

For mobile development, there’s no need to have massive teams of designers and storyboard artists. While these can add to a game, with the right individual, a game can be made entirely by one person and still rival those made by teams. Big names in the industry, like Nintendo and Sony, are catching onto this and creating games in partnership with indie developers.

Instant and Online Play

Not everyone wants to download an app in order to play games, for some it’s easier to access instant play mobile sites. This trend is particularly popular in the realms of casino games, in which players want to log on quickly and win. Sites like Casino Juggler suggest the best and brightest places to play with your mobile, which allows their readers to pick sites with the best bonuses in no time.

The games themselves that you’ll find on these sites come in many shapes and sizes. They range from immersive fruit machines to simple three reel slots, with trends from the larger gaming industry being replicated here too.


Simple and Bright Games

Simplicity is key when it comes to mobile games, they often feature bright and simple colour schemes. The tech industry as a whole has become more about sleek, simple aesthetics that blend seamlessly into our everyday lives. This is in play in the games industry too, as developers can replicate the success of overall design trends within their games.

There’s almost a bit of childlike fun being brought back into the gaming industry, as developers reconnect with what made them passionate about games in the first place. These developers are going back to their roots and focusing on the basics of the game, then adding simple graphics to enhance it.

Different Ways to Pay

Paying for games up front is rapidly going out of style, as freemium and subscriptions become much more popular. These games offer players the chance to experience the game for free, then give them the option to add funds in for additional features. The Google Play Store is filled with free games and developers that are looking for different ways to fund their games.

Through 2017 and beyond, the games that we favour will still be apt to change further. These trends in the mobile gaming market will peak and then most likely be replaced by other ones in future.

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