Etsy Wednesday: Desk Organizers That Will Finally Clear Your Clutter

It’s hard to be creative if your desk is in disarray. When inspiration strikes, you shouldn’t be bothered with having to sort through mounds of papers and notebooks to locate a pen. You shouldn’t have to deal with the tangled mess that spontaneously erupts whenever the cords of electronic devices come into contact with each other. You have important stuff to do — you can’t be bothered with a mess!

The good sellers of Etsy have heard your cries of disorganized despair, and they have these fantastic desk organization solutions to help you out. Take a look!


 Walnut Wood Desk Organizer, $35.46 Myflowermeadow

desk organizers via etsyKeep your pens, pencils, scissors and more right at your fingertips. This is a great multi-purpose desk organizer that’s cool-looking, and functional!

Red Space Age File Holder, $120 RehabVintageLA

desk organizers via etsyThis fire engine red folder organizer is an eye-catching piece on its own! We love the retro vibe it gives, and it’s perfect for storing all of your important files.

Modern Polygon Pencil Cups, $12 DKdezines

desk organizers via etsyA place for everything, and everything in its place. These pencil holders have a modern geometric design that will look great on your desk!

Wooden Desk Organizer With Clock, $79 UncommonAndNice

desk organizers via etsyYour pencils aren’t the only things that need organizing. Keep track of time, and your things, with this rustic wooden desk organizer!

Phone/Tablet Stand Organizer, $22 OlaDiClock

desk organizers via etsyThis simplistic phone stand will help keep cords out of your way! It’s great for hanging onto other stuff, too, like keys or glasses.

Teal Plastic Folder/Record Organizer, $48 MetalAndTweed

desk organizers via etsyIf you didn’t think holding folders could possibly be fun, this retro-chic teal folder organizer is here to prove you wrong.

Geometric Ceramic Desk Organizers, $48 CenterCeramics

desk organizers via etsyA bare bones, but very pretty, way to hold your most important creative tools.

Steampunk Desk Organizer With Light, $129 OBJECTSofINDUSTRY

desk organizers via etsyThis organizer will hold your things, and give you the light you need to finish up those important projects!

Art Deco Glass Bookends, $270 MirrorCooperative

desk organizers via etsyThese glass bookends channel the 1930s. Keep your books in line, and in style, with these great bookends! Take a look at more of the Mirror Cooperative at their website here.

Wood Cell Phone Docking Station, $99 WoodRestart

desk organizers via etsyWhat a great way to use such a pretty piece of wood! This modish desk organizer has a spot for your phone, some pens/pencils, and business cards.

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Are you in desperate need for a desk organizer?!

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