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There’s more than one way to make a compelling drawing! These days, with computers and cell phones and tablets at every turn, you can create a beautiful piece of art without the use of traditional art supplies.

These clever Etsy sellers have ditched paints, pencils, and pastels, but their digital illustrations are every bit as vibrant as traditional artwork. Check out ten of our favorite pieces below!

Teal Geometric Print, $9+ villavera

digital art via etsyThis abstract, digital drawing was created by hand. The tranquil teal color and the pattern of imperfect diamonds work together to create a very relaxing print.

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Dream Catcher Print, $14.50+ ParadaCreations

digital art via etsy This beautiful digital print is a treat for the eyes! With colors that pop, this dream catcher illustration is imaginative and whimsical.

Custom Portrait, $30 PrintableWisdom

digital art via etsyMaybe you want a digital drawing that speaks to you on a personal level. What could be more personal than a picture of you? This Etsy artist will craft a custom digital drawing for you!

Unicorn Print, $18 marisakwoods

digital art via etsyUnicorns are kind of like hips: they don’t lie. So take heed of this digitally crafted unicorn’s words, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Greyhound Geometric Print, $9+ lakeandart

digital art via etsyYou need this geometric digitally drawn greyhound for no other reason than because it is cool looking. This is a great piece for design students, or any other polygon or geometrically conscious art lover.

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Hansel and Gretel Print, $14 dansedelune

digital art via etsyThis digital representation of the famous German fairytale, Hansel and Gretel, is just awesome! We are in love with its contrasting colors and childlike qualities. Also, there’s a duck, and it makes it that much better.

Daisy Goddess Print, $5 BottleCapGuru

digital art via etsy Taking the whole “being one with nature” thing to a whole new level, this print is aesthetically pleasing all-around. This would be a great print to incorporate into a wall collage, office or personal yogi studio. Om!

Twister Print, $18 iotaillustration

digital art via etsyJust another day on the farm! This print is bright and cheery, despite the chaos of the twister it depicts.

10 Barzilai St. Architecture Print, $25 TelAvivBuildings

digital art via etsy If architecture is your beat, then you need this beautifully crafted digital illustration of 10 Barzilai St. It’s a striking print that would look great in your home or office.

Owl Print, $16.06+ clarecorfieldcarr

digital art via etsyHere’s another wonderful abstract design with an interesting pattern of shapes. And there’s an owl, too, which makes it a masterpiece in our book.

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What do you think of these digital drawings? Do you have a favorite?



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