Dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Knolling Photography

Dismantled Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Knolling Photography

Who knew a Volkswagen had so many parts? (We should have known.)

In this amazing example of knolling photography, we witness all of the tiny (and big) pieces that make up a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 (you can see a higher-res image here).

This image was shot by photographer Hans Hansen for the book, Das Buch, Von Volkswagen. 1938-1988, in celebration of the German car brand’s 50 year anniversary. The book was an exclusive gift to all Volkswagen employees and not sold in stores.

And the most important piece of information: how many parts are shown in this disassembled display? A total of 6,843 parts, according to a comment on Twisted Sifter.

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