DIY Thursday: Clay Crafts to Fill Your Weekend

If you’ve ever been to a craft store, you’ve probably gone down the clay aisle and gazed at it wistfully. You probably really wanted to buy some, but you also probably had no idea what you’d actually do with it. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Next time you find yourself in this situation, you can go ahead and buy some of that clay. We’ve been searching high and low for the funnest DIY tutorials for you to enjoy, so now you’ll know exactly what to do with that clay!


Clay Ornaments via Mahalolena

diy clay crafts and projectsThese pretty little ornaments make adorable, well, ornaments. But they’re also great to use as gift tags, or even little necklace charms. Use stamp-able letters to create messages, and adorn them with paper tissue and a little mod podge.

Paper Clay Pots via ABeautifulMess

diy clay crafts and projectsIf you love your indoor garden, but you hate the drabness of those terra cotta pots, you can always dress them up with some clay! This tutorial walks you through the process, and shows you how to make a variety of designs to make your indoor garden more interesting.

Clay Monogrammed Necklaces via ArtsyFartsyMama

diy clay crafts and projectsThese little monogram charms are so easy to make, you won’t believe it. Pick your favorite clay colors, and use some pretty little beads to make a personalized necklace. These make great gifts for kids and adults alike.

Geometric Pencil Holder via LinesAcross

diy clay crafts and projectsIf you’re the artist type, and you need a better way to display your pencils, check out this awesome geometric pencil holder. All the colors you need right at your fingertips, and it looks pretty neat, too.

Decorative Clay Feathers via 100LayerCake

diy clay crafts and projectsWe love feathers. They’re so free spirited, and great to use in decorating. Which is why we also love these easy to DIY clay feathers. And, unlike real feathers, you can paint a design on these!

Polymer Clay Coasters via TheLovelyDrawer

diy clay crafts and projectsSpeaking of painting designs, clay coasters are the perfect canvas for your favorite abstract patterns. Look how pretty these clay coasters are! You can make some too, the tutorial makes it easy.

Animal Heads via DelineateYourDwelling

diy clay crafts and projectsWe love some faux taxidermy. If you want to make your own clay animal head, but you’re unsure as to how to proceed, click on through to the tutorial. You’ll have some lovely little trophies to hang on your wall in no time!

Garden Markers via WitAndWhistle

diy clay crafts and projectsKeep track of which plant is which with these super easy-to-make plant markers. These garden markers also make sweet gifts for those people you know with green-thumbs

Marbled Clay Ring Dishes via ABeautifulMess

diy clay crafts and projectsThese marbled clay ring dishes look so complex. These are probably really hard to make. As it turns out? No. They’re not hard at all. Even if you’ve never DIY-ed before, you can totally make these. And you’ll definitely want to, too, because they’re just so pretty!

Clay Air Plant Holders via SmallFriendly

diy clay crafts and projectsThese air plant holders are the bees knees! In fact, we really don’t need to give you a list of reasons why you need to make some of these–the picture speaks for itself.

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