Why Not?: Make These Vintage Looking DIY Clay Ornaments!

Of course buying new and intricate ornaments is a whole lot of fun, but you know what else is fun? Making your own!

You may think one of two things, however: A) That making your own ornaments will be difficult, or B) That it simply won’t look as nice.


We promise neither of these things is true, especially after you watch the video above. If you’ve got only a few supplies, some spare time and a bit of a creative streak, you can make these – adding a personalized touch to your (already gorgeous) tree.

While these are in a specific shape and say “merry”, the possibilities are endless! Just grab your trusty cookie cutters (and glitter!) and get to creating.

These may even be a perfect project to try with your little ones or the younger set in your extended family. But be prepared for the mess from all the fun!

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What kind of DIY clay ornaments would you make?


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