DIY Thursday: 10 Things You Can Do With A Bag of Concrete

Concrete can seem like a difficult thing to figure out, but it’s actually really easy to deal with. It’s a great medium for crafters to experiment with. With concrete, you can do a lot of the things you can do with clay, except you don’t need a kiln. Concrete air dries in a few days, and once it does it’s strong and safe for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, a bag of concrete is super cheap.

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Check out some of the amazing things these crafters have done, and make yourself something neat with concrete!

Concrete Lamps via Brit+Co

diy concrete projectsThis concrete lamp looks like you spent a ton of money on it. But no, you just followed an easy tutorial and saved a ton of cash. Aren’t you crafty?

Cement Coasters via Tuts+

diy concrete projects You could use these coasters to set your drinks on, which is, technically, what you’re supposed to do with them. Or, you could figure out how to hang them on your wall, because they’re so pretty.

Concrete Candle Holders via MonstersCircus

diy concrete projects

These candle holders are lovely. You could also use this tutorial to make some pretty concrete vases or pencil holders.

Cement Garden Stones via PrettyPrudent

diy concrete projectsThe possibilities are endless with these DIY concrete garden stones. Perfect for inspirational quotes or other words.

DIY Concrete Necklaces via FallForDIY

diy concrete projectsIf you thought concrete couldn’t be dainty, you’ll reconsider after you make these heart necklaces. So cute, and they’d make great party favors too.

DIY Concrete Letter via Wit&Whistle

diy concrete projectsConcrete letters! What a great concept! These make a cool indoor decoration, and are also great for the garden.

Concrete Planter via HomeMadeModern

diy concrete projectsYour plant will love growing in this concrete planter. It has wheels. What more could a plant ask for?

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DIY Concrete Fire Pit via ManMadeDIY

diy concrete projectsYou need this concrete fire pit. It’s perfect for backyard entertaining. Get on it!

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Concrete Countertop Tutorial via ABeautifulMess

diy concrete projectsConcrete seems like an obvious choice for countertops. It creates a durable water-resistant surface that’s perfect for use in the kitchen. Plus, they’re sleek, modern, and way, way cheaper than granite.

Cement Stools via TrendHunter

diy concrete projectsJazz up those boring stools with this unique concrete DIY upgrade. It’s easy when you follow this great video tutorial.

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Have you ever tried your hand at any concrete projects before?

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