DIY Thursday: Stellar Constellation Crafts

Grab your coats and scarves, guys! It may be cold outside, but the winter sky is perfect for watching the stars. So bundle up, because you don’t want to miss out. Whether you’re a student of astrology, or just an enthusiastic stargazer, you’ll love these DIY constellation crafts from around the interwebs.

DIY Constellation Flashlight via HandmadeCharlotte

pho1Learn which constellation is which with the help of this DIY constellation flash light. This is also a great craft to do with your kids.


Constellation Lamp via TransientExpression

pho1Make an old lamp new again by changing out the shade with one of these DIYable constellation ones. Again, this lamp shade is DIYable, so, get on it.

Sticker and String Wall Constellations via ASubtleRevelry

pho1Check out the constellations even when it’s light outside by following this string and sticker constellation tutorial. A great way to dress up a boring wall or to stick on a ceiling.

French Dot Constellation Table Runner via DesignSponge

pho1Table runners help keep hot dishes and other dishes from scuffing up your tables, so you can see why it’s such a good idea to have one. We especially like this constellation table runner because it does exactly what a table runner should do, and it looks good while it’s doing it.

Constellation Coasters via AlmostMakesPerfect

pho1Learn about the stars and keep wet glasses from screwing up your nice wood furniture with these constellation coasters. All you need is a set of coasters, star maps, and mod podge.

Constellation Bowls via Kittenhood

pho1These little constellation bowls make sweet party favors and gifts. Plus, they have a wide variety of uses: from hanging onto your favorite pair of earrings to just looking adorable in general, these bowls are the bomb.

Constellation Necklace via AutoStraddle

diy constellation crafts necklaceWear your favorite set of stars with you wherever you go with a lovely constellation pendant. They’re so easy to make, you won’t believe it, and they’re perfect for necklaces, bracelets, or key chains.

Constellation Light Wall Art via OffbeatHome

pho1This constellation light beats a plain old night light any day. This piece features Leo, but you can easily replace it with your favorite.

Constellation Accent Wall via ProjectNursery

pho1This DIY constellation accent wall is gorgeous, and it looks like something you’d have to pay an artist to do. But just check out the link and you’ll see it’s easy to recreate.

Embroidered Star Map via PeacockCrafts

diy constellation craftsIf you know how to use a needle and thread, you should totally embroider one of these star maps. Silver embroidery thread and star sequins make this DIY wall decoration sparkle.

Which of these DIY constellation crafts is your favorite?

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