Joanna Gaines Would Love These DIY Flower Arrangements!

There’s nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to take a room from drab to fab. There’s just something about the bright colors and nice smells that automatically make people happy. However, ordering flowers online or going through a florist can be pretty expensive. That’s why we’re obsessing over the video above that shows us how to beautify store-bought blooms with DIY flower arrangements. These ideas are so nifty, Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines would be so proud!

For the first arrangement, all you need is store-bought tulips, tape, two vases and a vintage crate. To get started, place both vases in the crate, and fill them with water. Then, remove the flower foliage from the flowers. Next, tape small bundles together, and trim them to your desired height. Do that until both vases are full, and you’re done!


The other cute idea involves a galvanized bucket, clear tape, and assorted wild flowers. You’ll full the bucket with water, and then create a grid with the tape. Next, fill in the grid with a bunch of individual flowers. It’s so easy and so pretty, no one will believe you did it yourself!

Check out the video above to see the full tutorials, and be sure to leave a comment telling us what your favorite flower is!

Will you give these DIY flower arrangements a try?

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