DIY Thursday: Stylish Ways To Preserve Your Memories

So you’ve got that blank wall, and you’ve been looking at it for years now. You want to put some pictures up, you just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe you haven’t been able to find the right frames.

Well, we’re here for you! Clear your weekend schedule and get ready to deck that empty space with some much needed decoration.  These DIY frame tutorials are just what you need to get the creative juices going, and to make that boring wall  a little more interesting!


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Better yet, with the holidays coming up, these are probably the most beautiful ways to preserve your most cherished memories.

Egg Carton Rose Frame via BHG

diy frames and displaysWe’re not sure who looked at an egg carton and thought “you know, this would make a really cool bunch of roses”, but we’ll be darned if they weren’t right. Make your own egg carton roses for this dainty frame.

Easy Mod Podge Frame via TidyMom

diy frames and displaysIf you’ve already got a frame, but you want to dress it up a little, this mod podge tutorial is just the ticket. Grab a few pretty pieces of scrapbook paper and go to town!

Concrete Frame via APieceOfRainbow

diy frames and displaysConcrete is very versatile, and it creates an earthy, minimalist look that works with every decor style. Make a few of these frames over the weekend for your scenic photographs, and concrete might just become your favorite art medium.

Foam Board Frames via SugarBeeCrafts

diy frames and displaysYou know those giant foam boards that you used in middle school to display your science fair project? It turns out they can be turned into something really pretty–just look at these DIY frames!

Geometric Photo Display via TheCaldwellProject

diy frames and displaysGeometric designs fit in perfectly with modern decor. So if you’ve got a whole bunch of photos you want to display, but you want to avoid the traditional collage wall, check out this tutorial.

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Triangle Frames via RachelMary

diy frames and displaysOh, photo frames, don’t be such squares! Triangular frames are such a novel idea, and we love the way they show off these pictures!

Spoon Frame via LittleThingsBringSmiles


diy frames and displaysWho knew you could make something so pretty with plastic spoons? This tutorial shows you how to make this spoon frame for a mirror, but you could easily replace it with one of your beloved pictures.

Mineral Photo Display via ABeautifulMess

diy frames and displaysThis DIY project is not only a great way to display your pictures, it’s also perfect for showing off your favorite rocks/minerals. They’re simple and take almost no time at all to make. Plus, they make nice gifts.

Glitter Frame via ByAllison

diy frames and displaysA little glue and a little glitter can make anything better! Put your glamorous pictures in this glamorous frame. The results will also be glamorous.

Classic Wood Frame via ItsAlwaysAutumn

diy frames and displaysOr, if you prefer the simple look of a classic wooden frame, this tutorial will show you exactly how to make one. This is a great frame to show off your favorite pieces of wall art!

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Which of these DIY frames or displays do you love the most?

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