DIY Thursday: All Fun and Games

Fall is here, (finally) and it’s nice and cool. For a limited time only, outside is the best place to be. Call your friends over and enjoy this fabulous weather while it lasts by playing some great outdoor games that you created yourself. Raining outside? No worries. We found some tutorials for games that can be played inside too.

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Get ready to play around with these do-it-yourself games from some playful bloggers around the internet.

Marble Maze via FabDIY

pho1Marble mazes are so old school fun. That’s why we love this tutorial. It’s easy to make and perfect for kids ages 1-100.

Balloon Dart Artwork via HelloWorld

diy gamesTest your aim with balloon darts. Fill those balloons with paint, and when you’re done hitting every mark, you’ll have a cool piece of art leftover.

Chinese Checkers via LovelyIndeed

pho1If you’re into strategy games, Chinese checkers should be right up your alley. And even if you don’t know how to play, you’ll probably want to learn simply because this board is so cute.

Lawn Flamingo Ring Toss via SugarandCloth

pho1Make ring toss a bit more interesting–and certainly more adorable–by using lawn flamingos instead of bottles! This is also a great game to have at a tropical-themed party.

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DIY Backgammon via LovelyIndeed

diy gamesThis backgammon board is so pretty, we don’t know if we should play with it, or hang it up on the wall. Hmm. We’ll leave the decision with you.

Yard Yahtzee via ThePinningMama

diy gamesWhen you’re out on the lawn wondering what you’re going to do to entertain your guests while the food is on the grill, pull out your DIY set of yard Yahtzee. That should keep everyone busy until the burgers and hot dogs are ready.

DIY Guess Who via AlmostMakesPerfect

diy gamesGuess Who is always great, but this tutorial takes it to a whole new level. Create your own customized Guess Who board this weekend, then enjoy a good game with a friend.

Alice in Wonderland Croquet Set Tutorial via HomeDepot

diy gamesPeople don’t play croquet very much anymore. Why is that? We can only assume it’s because they haven’t made this Alice in Wonderland inspired croquet set, of course.

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe via KarasPartyIdeas

diy gamesDon’t waste all that paper–play tic-tac-toe on this DIY board. It’ll take you no time at all to make, it looks pretty, and you’ll have fun playing a few rounds with your friends.

Giant Jenga via DreamBookDesign

diy gamesIt really doesn’t make sense not to make this giant Jenga set. This DIY game couldn’t be more perfect for backyard gatherings.

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Which of these DIY games are your favorite?

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