10 Gorgeous & Easy-To-Make Christmas Gift Tags

If you’re a good planner, you’ve probably got all of your gifts purchased and wrapped by now! But before you arrange them neatly under your tree, you have to put the “To”s and “From”s on them, right?

After spending so much time picking out the perfect gifts, not to mention wrapping them, it seems a shame to use¬†plain, store-bought gift tags. Instead, try your hand at making some of these DIY gift tags. They’re gorgeous and totally original.


Printable Movie Quote Tags via TheHappyTulip

diy gift tags for christmasIf you want to add a little something special to the presents under your tree, these printable movie quote gift tags are there for you. Just print them, cut them out, and boom, you’re done.

Cross Stitch Tags via AboutTheNiceThings

diy gift tags for christmasPersonalize gift tags for your friends and family with this tutorial. Cross stitching these tags takes no time at all, and they’re so cute!

DIY Paper Cut Tags via LiaGriffith

diy gift tags for christmasThese paper cut gift tags look like they’d be impossible to make yourself, but they’re totally doable. Check out the tutorial, and you’ll be impressed by how easy they are to DIY.

Snowman Gift Tags via BHG

diy gift tags for christmas Create these sweet snowmen gift tags with pompoms or cotton balls. They’ll look right at home amongst the presents under your Christmas tree.

Clay Gift Tags via JenSelk

diy gift tags for christmasAir dry clay is easy to work with, so it’s a perfect medium for all sorts of things. This tutorial shows you how to create your own clay tags to place on all of the gifts under your tree.

Printable Ugly Sweater Tags via LoveVSDesign

diy gift tags for christmasUgly sweaters embody the Christmas spirit, so it make sense to use them as gift tags. And since these are printable, there’s really no reason not to put them on all of the presents your wrap.

Embossed Tags via RebeccaSower

diy gift tags for christmasThese embossed gift tags look so professional, but you actually don’t need any fancy supplies to make them. In fact, when you follow the steps laid out in this tutorial, they’re really quite simple to make.

Paint Chip Gift Tags via CreateCraftLove

diy gift tags for christmasPick up some paint chips from the hardware store, and you’ll have just about everything you need to make these adorable Christmas gift tags.

Penguin Felt Tag via DoSmallThingsWithLove

diy gift tags for christmasWith the template provided in this tutorial, you can make a whole flock of penguin gift tags. This adorable little guy can also be used as an ornament.

Washi Tap Tags via ABrightCorner

diy gift tags for christmasWashi tape is so versatile. Just place strips of washi tape over a template of a Christmas tree, then cut it out. In fact, you could make any design with washi tape, as long as you had a template. Ornaments, stockings, gingerbread men–the options are endless!

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Will you be making these DIY gift tags this Christmas?

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