Rustic Wood Headboard for DIY Headboards and Canopies

If someone asked you what your favorite part of your bedroom is, what is the first thing that would come to mind? We pretty much guarantee the first thought is simply: bed. It is the comfort we wake up in in the morning and it is what catches at the end of a long day. Beds are easily the greatest part, and obviously the most purposeful part of any bedroom. Aside from being the best part, they are also the focal point of bedrooms. Remember when you used to complain about making your bed growing up? Chances are if you have a place of your own now, you understand the reasons why making your bed perfect makes the difference between a bedroom and a beautiful bedroom.

This week for DIY Thursday we are proposing a small revamp of your bed (and bedroom) with the addition of a new headboard or canopy. Both of these bed pieces are perfect for sprucing up a room with having to throw down the tarps and start a full on renovation. The only problem with headboards and canopies is that they have the potential to be more expensive than most people are willing to spend on a simple upgrade. Never fear though, DIY projects make headboards and canopies much more affordable and you can add your own personal flavor to whichever project you choose.

This DIY Thursday, choose from one of the headboard or canopy do it yourself projects that Redesign Revolution has listed below! A new headboard or canopy could make the difference you are looking for in your bedroom!

Paneled Canopy Via The Hunted Interior

CanopyHeadboard for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Dowel Canopy Via Rosy Red Buttons

Curtain Canopy for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Hula-Hoop Canopy Via Craftaholics Anonomys

Circle Canopy for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Curtain Rod Via I Am That Lady

Ceiling Canopy for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Burlap Headboard Via 1924 London

Burlap Headboard for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Rustic Wood Headboard Via Echoes of Laughter

Rustic Wood Headboard for DIY Headboards and Canopies

Tiled Headboard Via Better Homes and Gardens

Tile Headboard for DIY Headboards and Canopies


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Will you DIY a headboard or canopy?




  1. So happy to see our headboard featured on this list! It’s so easy and has made such a difference in our room!


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