DIY Thursday: Easy and Artsy Mosaic Projects

Mosaics are great because, unlike drawing or sewing, you don’t really have to learn a new skill to do it. All you need is a bunch of differently colored pieces of tile or beads, something to stick them to, and something to stick them with.

It’s a type of artwork that’s very forgiving–if you make a few tiny screw-ups, they’ll never show once you’ve finished the whole piece!


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So if you’re in need of a project to try out this weekend, exercise your creative muscles by making one of these “easier-than-it-looks” mosaic DIYs!

Mosaic Wall Art via KateBullen

diy mosaic projectsThe artsy crafter who created this DIY piece cut out triangular sections of old watercolor paintings to use for her mosaic. But you could use paint chips, scrapbook paper, or anything else that tickles your fancy! Goes to show that the materials are totally flexible to fit your time and budget.

Mosaic Mason Jars via MasonJarCraftsLove

diy mosaic projectsMason jars are so handy to have. You can store so much in them while making it all seem so organized. However, on their own they are the slightest bit boring to look at. With a little glue, and a bunch of tiles or flat pieces, you can make that mason jar something worth looking at.

Mosaic Keepsake Boxes via Instructables

diy mosaic projectsThese mosaic keepsake boxes are perfect for storing your most precious items. They would also make nice gift boxes for all of your friends’ presents. Don’t you think?

Mosaic Eggs via TutsPlus

diy mosaic projectsThese mosaic eggs are so pretty, it would be a shame if you only made them to decorate for Easter. So why not make a dozen or so to keep around the house all year long?

Bean Mosaic Tutorial via JustBetweenFriends

diy mosaic projectsThere are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making a mosaic. Most of the time, they’re comprised of tiles or stones, but as it turns out, you can make some pretty awesome designs with beans too! Check out this tutorial to find out how.

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Mosaic Serving Tray via SandAndSisal

diy mosaic projectsBreakfast in bed is great and all, but think how much more you would enjoy that french toast and coffee if it were served to you on this pretty mosaic serving tray. This is also a must-make for anyone who likes to play the host/hostess.

Repurposed CD Mosaic Ornaments via GoodsHomeDesign

diy mosaic projectsPlastic ball ornaments come pretty cheap, and so do CDs. So there’s really no excuse for you not to make these sparkly mosaic Christmas tree ornaments. And, because they’re pretty neutral, they also make good every day decorations. Talk about Christmas in July.

Mosaic Coffee Table via HomeTalk

diy mosaic projectsIf your coffee table is in need of a redo, make use of some marble gems. You can pick these up at most dollar stores. It’s a simple way to make any table more interesting.

Mosaic Planters via MarthaStewart

diy mosaic projectsThe next time you break one of your favorite plates–or any plate, really–don’t throw the pieces away! Save them until you have enough to make a lovely mosaic planter. Perfect for indoor herb gardens. It was an accident?

DIY Mosaic Mirror Tutorial via CentsationalGirl

diy mosaic projectsAdding a mosaic border is a wonderful way to dress up a boring mirror. And, to make things super easy for you, you can buy sheets of tiles at your local hardware store, to save you the trouble of having to lay each tiny piece individually.

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Will you try out one of these DIY mosaic projects?


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