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It’s DIY time, and we hope you’re ready to build something really great! This week, we thought we’d find you some awesome projects for your dogs and cats, and – once again – we were really impressed with the ingenuity of bloggers all around the interwebs.

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Take a gander at these fun, creative, and downright handy pet projects that your cats and dogs will love!

Treat Dispenser via DailyDogTag

diy pet projectsThis is a fantastic interactive toy for your dog to play with. Just look at how excited that doggy is! This project could be done in an afternoon, and will give you and your dog hours of entertainment – so he’s tired before nightfall.

Cat Scratch Post via ABeautifulMess

diy pet projectsKeep your kitty from scratching up your furniture with this DIY cat scratching post. And darned if it isn’t pretty with that colored rope.

Upcycled Table Dog Bed via 86Lemons

diy pet projectsTurn that ugly old table into a pretty and functional dog bed. It’s a great way to upcycle an unused piece of furniture. Clearly, these two cuties couldn’t be happier about it.

Kitty Window Perch via DIYShowOff

diy pet projectsEvery cat likes to look outside and warm their bellies in the sun! Give your indoor kitty a nice place to sleep by building this comfy window perch.

DIY Doggie Gate via YellowBrickHome

diy pet projectsYou love Fido, but sometimes you need your kitchen or living room to yourself. Ditch that ugly baby gate and install one of these stylish DIY doggie gates instead.

Backyard Cat Enclosure via Cuckoo4Design

diy pet projectsIf you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, but worried that your indoor cat might get hurt if you let it outside, you definitely need to invest in this cat enclosure. Your cat will love getting fresh air, and you’ll love how safe it is for them.

Porch Potty via HuffingtonPost

diy pet projectsLiving in an apartment with a dog can be a hassle, since you don’t have a backyard for your dog to play or “go” in. This porch potty is a great solution for your pooch. It’s easy to build, easy to clean, and, according to the picture above, puppy approved.

Cardboard Cat Castle via

diy pet projectsCats and cardboard boxes belong together. You should totally build this cat castle for your feline friend because, let’s face it, every cat already acts like they’re royalty.

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Raised Pet Bowl Stand via AlmostMakesPerfect

diy pet projectsEating from a raised bowl is better for your pet’s spinal alignment. This modern wooden raised pet bowl stand is a stylish, comfortable way for your pet to enjoy dinner.

Litter Box Cabinet via IkeaHackers

diy pet projectsLots of people love cats, but nobody loves a litter box. That would just be weird. So hide that unsightly thing in a cupboard, like the clever cat owners over at Ikea Hackers.

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Have you ever tried your hand at some DIY pet projects before?


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