diy phone case

As much as we hate to admit it, we’re glued to our cell phones. They have become a must-have accessory that nearly everyone has and displays constantly. And like any of our other accessories, our phones should have a cool design. That’s why today, we’re giving you some ideas for DIY phone case ideas.

In the video above, you’ll see three super quick, easy and cool cell phone case ideas that will take your phone over the top. FYI, regardless of the design you pick, you’re going to need to start off with a clear case.

If you want to get fancy, try the temporary tattoo idea. Pick up your favorite pattern and tattoo it onto the inside of the case with a wet sponge.

Or perhaps you want to add a little sparkle. Simply grab some big glitter, a glitter pen, and foam brush. Cover the inside of the case with the glitter pen and brush, then sprinkle on the large glitter. Once it dries, you’re good to go.

And the final idea, and our favorite, is for all of you earth children out there. For this, you’ll need dry plants and a scissor. All you have to do is cut the plant into the case and place your phone. That’s it!

Watch the video above to see all of the tutorials!

Which of these DIY phone case ideas will you try?



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