DIY Thursday: Get Roped!

Sometimes it is used to anchor a boat, other times it is used to tie things together, but this week it is going to be used for a perfectly easy DIY project. What is the “it”? Rope! We are going to rope you in (get it?) with some simple and stylish DIY decor projects with rope as the main material.

We can’t lie, mostly because it is obvious, but rope is usually used in nautical-themed homes and decor. We say “pish-posh” to that, though. Rope is a fun way to mix up any room, so long as it matches the overall vibe in a room. Most of these projects are made similarly: layering or wrapping the rope in some way, but that is what makes these projects so easy. Most of them only involve glue and rope, but all of them look positively adorable. Check out some of the ideas below to make rope a more permanent fixture in your home!


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Rope Rug via A Beautiful Mess

Rope Rug for DIY Rope

Yes, that is an area rug made of rope and fabric and yes, it is sitting in the middle of a kitchen. We love the idea as a whole. While carpets typically tend to be a no-no in the kitchen area due to accidental drips and spills. the rope rug is bold and tough enough to be in a kitchen. If you have the patience for this one, we say go for it!

Rope Mirror via The Lily Pad Cottage

Rope Mirror for DIY Roped!

So the rope mirror isn’t the most original of rope DIY projects, but it wouldn’t be a rope DIY tutorial list without it. This mirror is particularly beach themed, but there are plenty more that have an edgier look to them.

Rope Planters via Hometalk

Rope Planters for DIY Roped!

The painted strip on these roped planters really reeled us in. These planters would still add something to an otherwise plain terra cotta planter, but the stripe gives the project sass.

Rope Handles via Country Living

Rope Handles for DIY roped!

Another more in depth project, but we think it makes a dresser unique. Add ropes to create handles on worn down piece of furniture. It will instantly make it piece to marvel at instead of a piece of junk.

Rope Hanger via Pop Sugar

Rope Kitchen Hanger for DIY Roped!

We aren’t sure how many of you keep craft paper around the house, but this rope hanger isn’t just for craft paper. It could be used for virtually anything that comes in a roll, so get imaginative!

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Rope Laundry Basket via I Heart Organizing

Roped Laundry Basket For DIY Roped!

The epic battle that rages on: laundry is ugly, but it happens. Well, make your laundry basket fun with some roping and the conflicting thoughts on laundry and the convenience of where to put a hamper will forever be erased!

Rope Coasters via Valley & Co.

Rope Coasters for DIY Roped

Again, rope coasters aren’t the most original project, but it is an easy way to spend a Saturday. After your done, maybe you will actually want to invite those neighbors over drinks (to show off your new DIY of course!)

Rope Words via Home Stories A to Z

Rope Words dor DIY Roped

You can pick any word, it most certainly doesn’t have to be summer. This is a very maliable project that allows for a lot of outside the box thinking. New words, add lights, you never know what you can come up with until you start your DIY!

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