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Roses are red and violets are blue… but since June is national rose month, we are less concerned about the violets and more concerned about roses and the plenty of rose vase arrangements you can try out for yourself! That is not to say that violets aren’t a beautiful flower, but roses really take the cake on the most popular (and romantic!) one. Roses are bought for more special occasions than any other flower, making it an easy go-to gift for anyone. Roses are so popular, in fact, that there are specific meanings allotted for every color. For example, you would buy a friend yellow roses, but a lover red ones. You know the drill!

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This month though, we aren’t interested in the politics of rose colors, we just want to DIY some arrangements to appreciate for the month of June. We must admit, national rose month came at a perfect time. Between the amount of graduations and the height of the summer wedding season, it is a prime time to give roses as small gifts and decorate with them for yourselves as well. If you don’t have any special occasions in the near future, don’t worry because the arrangements and vases we’ve selected to DIY can sit just fine on a dining room table.

Although flower arranging looks fairly easy, there are actually specific ways to make flowers sit just right. (So, no you can’t just throw them all in a vase and call it a day!) There are also certain flowers that compliment roses better than others. We hope to help clarify the particulars on arranging roses, while also giving you a few good ideas on how to DIY a reusable vase. As always, these DIY projects are meant to inspire your own creativity, so make sure to experiment! You never know when your own musings can become DIY inspiration for others! Check out Redesign Revolution’s list of ways to arrange roses and vases for national rose month below!

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Gold Plate Vase via Fab DIY

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Muted Rose Arrangement via Martha Stewart

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Rose Bowl Arrangement via The Art of Doing Stuff

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Textured Vase via Green Wedding Shoes

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Shell Arrangement via Better Homes

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Rose Gold Vase via The Sassy Life

Rose Gold Case for DIY Rose Arrangement.jpg

Floating Roses via Martha Stewart Weddings

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

Hanging Roses via The Pretty Blog

DIY Thursday: Beautiful Rose Vase Arrangements

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