DIY Thursday: Kokedama String Garden

DIY Thursday Kokedama String Garden

For this week’s DIY Thursday, we’re featuring this simple kokedama string garden that takes 5 materials and 7 steps to make yourself. This captivating Japanese gardening method is a perfect DIY project for gardening and bonsai beginner enthusiasts. You can make a few of them and hang them out doors and enjoy as they sway in the breeze.


But how to make them?

DIY Thursday Kokedama String Garden


  • Small plant
  • Heavy clay mud (or bonsai soil)
  • Potting soil
  • Moss
  • Twine

DIY Thursday Kokedama String Garden

How to Make the Kokedama String Garden

  1. Mix equal amounts of clay and potting soil
  2. Pull plant from container
  3. Pat clay mixer around the roots, mold into ball
  4. Press moss all over the clay ball
  5. Cut 3 yards of twine, wrap and twist around the garden
  6. Knot the twine
  7. Hang the kokedama
For more detailed instructions, go to Makezine!

DIY Thursday Kokedama String Garden

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