diy wall sconce

If you’re looking to up your DIY skills, we have found the perfect project for you.

In the video above, designer Dan Faires shows us how to create an easy industrial-style copper pipe wall sconce, that you can totally create by yourself — without an electrician.

To get started, you’ll need some copper pipping, measure tape, pipe cutter, lamp wire, epoxy, tubing, a lamp kit, and finally a bulb.

Faires began the project by cutting the pipping into the necessary sizes. He then created a triangle design, which allowed him to run lamp write with protective tubing through the pipes. After the wire was settled, he epoxied the joints, and let that dry for 24 hours.

Then, he got out his lamp kit, which can be found at any hardware store, and simply followed the instructions for assembling. Finally, he topped his design of with a globe bulb, which added to the industrial feel, and that’s it!

This is a super easy DIY project that you can do over the weekend to add a little style to your space. Plus, it look so good in the end, all of your friends will be jealous.

Watch the video above to see the full tutorial.

Will you give this DIY pipe wall sconce a try?



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