eco friendly gifts for kids

When it comes to kids, finding affordable, quality toys that are also eco-friendly is key but also a little  impossible. Fortunately, there is an array of colorful toys made with non-toxic materials out there nowadays to keep gift recipients happy and safe! These classic, eco-friendly gifts for kids are sure to occupy any child’s imagination this holiday season.

1. Eco Stars Recycled Wax Crayons

eco friendly gifts for kidsNormal, petroleum-based crayons can take many years to biodegrade, but these cool star-shaped crayons would make an ideal gift alternative for the budding, young artist. Made from discarded crayons, they’re 100% recyclable and non-toxic (including the packaging). The earth-friendly box comes with 20 crayons that fit perfectly in a child’s hand for coloring, and kids can even draw parallel lines easily using two points at the same time. Your purchase will help support The National Crayon Recycle Program and educational programs on recycling.

$9.95 From The Ultimate Green Store >

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2. Root Vue Farm

eco friendly gifts for kidsThis underground garden laboratory is the perfect way to enlighten kids with the magic of horticulture. Through the special viewing window of the Root Vue Farm, kids can watch as the carrot, radish, and onion seeds they planted take root and sprout. The complete kit comes with a growing unit and viewing window, built-in water basin and drainage reservoir, a light shield, three packets of seeds, identification labels, and a booklet for experiments.

$29.99 from ThinkGeek >

3. Discover and Play Blocks

eco friendly gifts for kidsThis set of 6 German-made play blocks will spark your child’s imagination! Each block contains a surprise to discover, such as a bell, mirror, kaleidoscope, colored lens, rattle, or rotating ball. The different colors, sounds, and properties all teach curious babies cause and effect.

$30 From Romp >

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4. Lille Huset Dollhouses

eco friendly gifts for kidsThese 100% laminated recycled paperboard dollhouses are the perfect spin on the classic toy. Each DIY Lille Huset dollhouse has its own unique and charming details, such as twinkle lights and arched windows. For kids who like to build their own toys for imaginative play, the Lille Huset dollhouse collection offers creative and eco-friendly solutions.

$40 from Grow Books Press >

5. Alphabites A to Z Puzzle

eco friendly gifts for kidsWhen kids become inventors, they learn to experiment and build through engaging play. The Alphabites A to Z wooden puzzle serves up learning and role-play fun with 26 food, condiment or cooking tool puzzle pieces. Each piece is labeled with its full name, and are made of non-toxic, rubber wood. The wood storage and display tray even showcases an illustrated serving tray on one side and a stove top on the other. Kids can play with their food and learn letters at the same time!

$40 from BeginAgain Toys >

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