Solecan Recycling Solution Kickstarter Table

Solecan Recycling Solution Kickstarter

Considering how accessible recycling is for Americans, you’d think that we wouldn’t be so abysmally bad at it. Nearly 90% of Americans now have access to recycling programs, and yet, less than 35% of municipal waste is recycled. And you know what the problem is? We’re lazy. If recycling is not the most simple option given to us, we will opt for the easier one. And when trash cans outnumber recycle bins 10 to 1, the likelihood of our taking the easy way out exponentially rises.

That’s why the husband and wife inventor team, Jeff and Liz Helfrich, have decided to make recycling unavoidable with their creations, Solecan.

What is the Solecan? It’s a dual-sided trash can that snap together and apart very easily; one side is designated for trash while the other is designated for recycling. When you need to empty your trash into a larger recycling bin, simply snap it apart. This special trash can is purposefully small in size so that it becomes the perfect substitute in your bedroom, bathroom, office, dorm room, etc. Still trying to use inconvenience as an excuse? With the Solecan, it’s no longer a justifiable excuse.

The Helfriches are committed to making this dual use bin as eco-friendly as possible. When you’re trying to encourage recycling, it’s kind of necessary. Solecan is manufactured in the USA from recycled polypropylene – while the price is higher, the eliminated overseas manufacturing has many environmental benefits.

Solecan Recycling Solution Kickstarter Bathroom

Solecan Recycling Solution Kickstarter Table

Solecan Recycling Solution Kickstarter Colors

This recycling solution is perfect for lazy recyclers like me, who mean well when it comes to reducing our damage to the planet, but only when it’s as convenient as possible. It’s a wonder that no one has come up with the dual bin solution yet! Props to the Helfriches for committing to their wonderful idea.

If you want to support the team, Solecan is on Kickstarter until Earth Day, April 22! They have a ways to go, so fingers crossed that they will have a late surge in supporters.

Will you support Solecan’s mission to make recycling convenient?



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