Is it possible to produce a 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly plastic? Apparently, yes! A new material called Zeoform is a promise that a green alternative solution to plastic is possible. The new green plastic is made from cellulose fibers (the most organic compound on Earth) and water. Yes, that is all! Zeoform is produced through a patent process that coverts cellulose fibers from discarded and waste material into a dense, resistant wood-like material.

Made out of so many toxic substances and producing pollution, plastic is no longer considered a miracle invention. It’s also not easy to recycle or decompose. Those are some of the reasons people have been looking for more earth-friendly alternatives.


Zeoform has many of the qualities of plastic but few of the downsides, such as toxic chemicals and pollution. It’s completely sustainable from start to end – harvesting, manufacturing, use and disposable. It’s resistant like wood and has the flexibility of plastic. It’s kind of hard to believe that a solution to plastic is finally here. Isn’t that great news?

The high density of the new material makes it resistant to water and fire. That just sounds simply amazing! According to its producers, Zeoform is lighter than cork and denser than ebony. It can be sprayed, poured, molded, and shaped into many forms. It can also be mixed with other substances like metals, plastic, stones, and pigments. Possible applications include counter tops, tiles, walls, ceilings, pipes, handles, etc.


Zeoform is a revolutionary concept in industrial design. It will make producing materials much more guilt-free and exciting. The product is a reflection of the philosophy of a sustainable future. Created and based in Australia, the company hopes other companies will license and expand the technology.

Currently, Zeoform is seeking funding on Indiegogo to make this design a mass-produced reality. Support if you believe in this sustainable cause.

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What do you think of the concept behind Zeoform?

Photos via Zeoform



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