Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Orange White Coffee Mug

Have you ever thought that your dishware was a little blah? Boring? Old? Ceramist and social entrepreneur, Dylan Kendall, has taken a stand against boring dishware with her Efeet collection, a set of home accessories for people who are searching for whimsy and minimalist design in their everyday lives. Dylan launched a two Kickstarter projects back in May to hopefully jump start her Efeet collection into mass production, and her dreams have come true! As of right now, you can find many of her playful designs available for sale or pre-order in her online store.

What is truly inspiring about Dylan is her commitment to social justice and the protection of arts. About her:

I’m a ceramist, a foster mother, an animal rescuer, a social entrepreneur. I was a ceramist in my 20s and had three galleries working with me. But I gave it all up in my late 20s after a pretty intense brush with poverty right outside my studio door in Oakland, CA. I literally said: Enough! and packed up the studio to transfer to UCLA. I earned my Bachelors degree at 30 and my Masters at 32. Not long after I founded Hollywood Arts,  the only educational facility in the country to use arts, music and performance-based education to mainstream homeless youth over the age of 18. Hollywood Arts grew successfully and after five years I was able to return to ceramics….I spent 10 years in public service working towards change. Hollywood Arts, and every young person who came to the agency, is important to me and will always benefit from whatever else I do in my life.

Her commitment to young people has truly inspired her whimsical design. She takes whimsy beyond function to remind adults that play and fun isn’t limited to our younger counterparts! What’s wrong with having a little fun in our everyday routine?

And the best thing about buying one of these items: each one is hand made. You pay for something that is truly unique!

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Salt Pepper Shaker

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Tooth Brush Cup Soap Dish

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection White Vase

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Candle Holder

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Medium Cereal Bowl

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Small Bowl

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Creamer, Sugar Bowl, Sugar Packet Caddy

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Orange White Coffee Mug

Currently, these are the items that are available at her store:

Who else wants that cereal bowl by Dylan Kendall?


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