Etsy Wednesday: Super Cool, Super Cute Embroidery Hoop Art

There are a lot of artists on Etsy, but they don’t all rely on paints to make their beautiful creations. Some people wield a needle and thread as skillfully as others do pencils and brushes. So this week we’ve set our sights on some fantastic embroidery hoop art.

Embroidery hoop art has become more popular again in the past few years. These pieces are not unlike the samplers that girls and women would make in the 1800s (and even long before) to show off their mad needlework skills but have been updated nevertheless. Samplers could be plain or elaborate, and were often for decoration. But for some women, samplers acted like the modern resume. Needlework samplers showed prospective employers the variety of stitches a girl could make, and how well she made them. Interesting, huh?


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Thanks to sites like LinkedIn and the significantly broader scope of career opportunities for females, women don’t really need to include a sampler with their portfolios when they go job hunting anymore. These days most embroidery work is done for pleasure and artistic purposes.

Get on trend with one of these one-of-a-kind examples of embroidery hoop art, that are perfect for the walls of your home or office!

Home Hoop Wall Art, $23 Hoopsimism

embroidery hoop art 1

Oh, hi! This felt embroidery hoop is just adorable when welcoming any guest.

Dandelions, $24 IttyBittyBunnies

embroidery hoop art 2

Our wish? That we could blow all of the seeds off the dandelion without aggravating our allergies. Fortunately, there’s this cute hoop!

NOPE embroidery hoop, $18 JustWastingThyme

embroidery hoop art 3

Nope. Just, nope.

Anatomical Heart Embroidery, $16 ThisTookSewLong

embroidery hoop art 4

We heart this anatomical embroidery hoop wall hanging.

Home Hoop, $30 ThistleThreadDesign

embroidery hoop art 5

Which means we will nap and bake cupcakes wherever you are.

Girl and Her Horse, $280 MarysGranddaughter

embroidery hoop art 6

You can lead an embroidered horse to water, but if it’s made of thread, can it even drink?

Wild and Free Hoop, $28 KaymaBoutique

embroidery hoop art 7

This is exactly how you should be living your life. Wild, free, and with lots of pretty flowers.

Bunny Rabbit Hoop, $23 cinderandhoney

embroidery hoop art 8

If you put a bunny on something, it’s automatically adorable.

Off to See the World Hoop, $37.94 ThreeRedApples

embroidery hoop art 9

Who wouldn’t want to see the world in that cute car?

Creativity is Intelligence Hoop, $45.85 PixiecraftHandmade

embroidery hoop art 10

Take some time to make something great, you smarty pants, you.

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Have you ever tried your hand at embroidery hoop art before?

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