Emoji Accessories That Will Complete You

This is the century of Millennials, everyone from CEOs to stay-at-home moms rely on technology and all it has to offer. Especially technology via handheld devices like iPhones, tablets, iPads, etc., because face it – we are always in a rush and on the go. So it usually comes down to one word when we want to quickly express ourselves: emoji. In 2014, nothing could be truer.

Perhaps for some of us it has gotten to the point where you aren’t even sure if you can communicate with individuals in person because you don’t have the option to use emojis (they can literally portray any emotion we ever feel) anywhere other than on your iPhone – fear no more.


There are actually emoji accessories, and they are going to complete your entire life.

Keep It 100 – 14K Gold Earrings, $175.00 Twenty4K

emoji accessories 100

What better way to show the haters how real you are then by flashing some earring bling their way?

Alien Necklace, $10 ShopBenji

emoji accessories alien

You are out of this world (pun intended).

Cat Kiss T-Shirt, $9.99 ShopAloni

emoji accessories cat kis

Because, why not?

Junk Food Coin Purse, $6.00 Renee Michele

emoji accessories food

I mean, really, what else would you be spending your change on then junk food? Let’s get real.

 You Know That One Girl Stud Earrings, $5.25 Indie Club

emoji accessories girl

In case you didn’t know, this emoji is actually an information desk person. But really we all know we use it as the “look how many f$%ks I give!”

iPhone Case $15.00 Olivia Rose Inc.

emoji accessories iphone case

All the emotions you can possible feel in a day in one place, to show the world. Perfect.

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Hand Painted Moon Tote Bag, $26.20 TheBoxxx

emoji accessories moon

Reminds us a little of Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same,” album, right?

Breaking Bad Mug, $21, BBMugs
emoji accessories mug

I think this speaks for itself.

Nail Decals, $6 KawaiiNailKandy

emoji accessories nail decals

Stray away from your regular solid color mani, and spice it up with some of these decals.

Palm Tree, Heart Eyes and Martini Fluorescent Necklace, $20 Hot Dog Market

emoji accessories necklace

We all need a little neon in our lives, every now and then.

Hand Painted Poop Emoji Slip Ons, $80.00 TapkiShop

emoji accessories poop


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Smiley Face Sweatpants, $60.00 Its7TwentyFour

emoji accessories smiley pants

Dress down Friday just got real.

Smiley Face Pinback Buttons, $5 King Sophie’s World

emoji accessories smiley

For those chilly days when you’re just feeling…weird.

Ghost Stamp, $10 Gracie Sparkles

emoji accessories stamp

This adorable stamp is perfect for Halloween!

Stickers, $12.00 Emoji Stickers

emoji accessories sticker

Any place, any time, any emoji.

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How many of these emoji accessories do you want?

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