Tech Tuesday Empire State Building LED Green

Tech Tuesday Empire State Building LED Green

Tech Tuesday is going a little more newsy with a fantastic announcement on the Empire State Building transformation: the iconic lights on this New York City skyscraper will be switching its iconic lights from incandescent lights to more energy efficient LEDs!

The lights were first installed on the exterior of the skyscraper in 1976 to commemorate the US bicentennial and have been a regular fixture ever since in the city skyline, changing colors during big events in the city, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even NYU’s graduation. (What can I say, I’m an NYU grad — I’m biased!)

Tech Tuesday Empire State Building LED Purple

There are currently 546 incandescent light fixtures are sitting up on the 72nd floor. They will be replacing them with 1200 LED fixtures. The best part: The Empire State building used to be limited to showcasing 10 colors. Now, with the new LED lights  they can showcase 16 million! With this new investment (which cost them a few million dollars), the skyscraper will reduce total energy consumption by 37.8%. That, added with the estimated energy saving costs and the new display abilities, New Yorkers will be able to look forward to more light shows soon.

Tech Tuesday Empire State Building LED Green

What do you think of the Empire State Building going green?

Found via CNN Money
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