The Environmental Costs of a T-Shirt (Infographic)

Laundry is the chore we loathe the most in our list of continuous chores — we can’t help but hate the trouble we go through just to wash and dry our regular clothes, not to mention the extra things we have to care about dry cleaning or hand washing. Everything just spells trouble. It’s even worse when your t-shirts start sporting holes that you don’t know how to mend, and you think there’s no other way to deal but to throw the t-shirt out. But stop! Have you have considered the environmental costs of a t-shirt, from the moment it’s made to the day you throw it out?

The textiles industry is one of the biggest contributors of landfill waste in the US and the UK. Especially with our current focus on throwaway fashion, the lifespan of some of our basic clothing has never been shorter. Urban Times collaborated with TextƧure to provide insight into the statistics behind the life of a t-shirt (keep in mind that these do not consider the entire apparel industry), revealing some pretty shocking facts in their infographic about the amount of water and energy we consume during the life of a basic cotton t-shirt.

But this infographic has more than just facts to make you feel guilty about your carbon footprint; they provide some feasible solutions to minimizing the damage to the environment by extending the life of your clothing and perhaps taking the time to line dry your clothes instead of throwing everything in the dryer. Check it out!

Infographic- The Environmental Costs of a T-Shirt

Did you know that a t-shirt had all these environmental costs?

Featured photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc. Infographic via Urban Times.


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